Everybody is born with a golden seed in their heart.
Some of them never had a ground, water or light.
Only love can transform a seed into a flower.
Have some patient with others and yourself.

waiting angel

Too late to crawl,
too early to fly.
Stand still to grow wings.
It takes time
to become an angel


Carry a heart,
so big.
It has love
for the whole earth
and all her beings

Eternal light

Every wound will heal,
when the eternal light
touches your


We can't even imagine
who we truly are
in the depths of our being


Bring the infinite to the finite


The blooming time is over.
Dare to turn inwards.
Shoot roots
and be formless.


Recover your chords with God.
Just follow the movements.
To become his marionette.


Break down the high vast mountain.
Let it fall down in the riverbed.
Where all flows to the sea.